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Professional, easy to use color management solution

Looking for a practical solution for your paint store or your production site? RusColorPro is the perfect answer with unlimited support for formula books, color data and much more. Easy to use, reliable and fully compatible with most popular automatic dispensers.

Customised working environment

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Show your logo, make the software support your business and improve your company's image. Make the software handle your product lines and formulas the way you are used to. Use the formula unit most common in your market place or convert your quantities to a different unit. Print labels with the data you need and in the format you like.

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Costs, statistics and consumption always under control

In a modern business environment it is important to access costs, price lists and statistics in a quick and efficient way.
All statistics and relevant configuration data can be centrally collected to efficiently evaluate store activities and market trends.

Match samples the easy and affordable way

Color instruments
RusColorPro allows to use low cost instruments and color sensors to search and match your color samples. In few seconds it is possible to pick the closest color in your formula book or automatically calculate complementary colors and nice looking color themes.

Color instruments


Formula book
  • Unlimited product lines, color collections and formulas.
  • A complete personal database where to save customised formulas and customers' products.
  • History always available with the latest selected formulas and colors.
  • Formula calculated for different can sizes, units and paint characteristics.
  • Formula can be visualised in different units and formats.
  • Factory's formulas and products data can be encrypted to avoid tampering.
  • Interfaces with popular automatic colorants dispensers.
  • Realistic color swatches are used to immediately identify color codes and formula's components.

Formula editor

  • Full control on creating or modifying formulas. Different editing modes available.
  • Possibility to adjust the formula based on a single component new value.
  • Formulas can be adjusted based on percentage calculation.

Cost calculator and price grouping

  • Immediate calculation of any formula cost.
  • Customisable price-lists according to specific customers' groups or product ranges.
  • Simple editing of components' costs and price-lists settings.
  • Total formula cost always quickly visible from the main application window.
  • Price editing is password protected.

Label printing

  • Customisable label layout and content.
  • Label can be printed automatically after sending the formula to an automatic dispenser.
  • From the label printing function is possible to select multiple printers and formats.

Color complements

  • Complementary colors can be automatically calculated and matched.
  • Themes and harmonies can be created.
  • Formulas for each created color is immediately available.

Color matching

  • Look-up and match (depending on the instrument in use) color samples.
  • Look-up and match pre-stored color collections. It's an easy way to retrieve formulas for competitors' colors.
  • Selection of the best match based on color delta or on formula cost.
  • Interfaces with popular spectrophotometers, chromameters and color sensors.
  • Low-cost color sensors are used in order to achieve color matching capabilities with a very limited investment.


  • Last selected formula details always available.
  • Statistics about products and bases consumption.
  • Statistics about color collections access.
  • Statistics about components/colorants consumption.
  • All statistics are password protected.
  • All statistics can be exported as files and are compatible with common text editors and spreadsheet applications.


  • The application logo can be customised with user's graphics.
  • Optional visual dark and light modes.
  • Label printing layout and content can be easily modified.
  • The application is compatible with any Windows localisation and user's language. Translation can be done directly by the end user.
  • Formula book data is fully customisable.

Immediate licensing

  • No more complicated activation processes of your software licenses, no unpractical hardware keys.
  • Simple, immediate activation process, completely under your control.
  • A dedicated Web server, in a fully protected environment, will let you manage all software downloads and license activations. 24/7, Real-time, wherever you are located and whatever browsing device you use.

High compatibility and portability

  • The application is designed to run on all Windows versions from XP all the way up to the latest Windows 11.
  • Localised Windows versions are supported and can be easily translated in any language even by the end user.
  • Installer and executable files are small and occupy few MB of disk space. No need to install .NET, Java or heavy software frameworks.
  • It's the perfect solution when an old computers or industrial hardware is available.




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